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In Canada, for those of you unluckily not in Canada, we have this weird thing with skill testing questions on all contests and giveaways. The theory is that if you have some test of skill, then it's not purely luck and isn't a lottery / gambling / something requiring complicated permits, etc. Or something. Whichever. I'm not a lawyer.

That said, the skill testing questions are never exactly challenging. They are usually things like, "(15 x 2) - 10 = ?" You fill the blank in and away you go. It's not exactly a difficult question, and I've long wondered to whom these were tests of skill. But then, I've met some exceedingly math-dim people.

I actually ran across this today, though. Not only does the question astound me, but the fact that it's multiple choice does it one better. I now present to you the pinnacle of skill testing questions on Canadian contests:

(Taken from a NOW Magazine contest to win a dinner for two at an Ethiopian restaurant.)

Okay, so like, yes, I agree that people who can't answer this should not be allowed to win prizes. On the other hand, I really must formally protest the use of the term, "skill," here.
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